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I have been working with WordPress for almost 8 years. But I have never found a form plugin that could really do everything. Currently I use CFF or 11Sites.

I am looking for a WordPress form plugin with the following features:

Must Haves:
\- Tracking: When I send a survey I want to know who clicked which link.
\- Dependencies: If a certain value is selected in a checkbox more elements will also appear
\- Steps: Step 1/3 etc.
\- Easy implementation of a good design: I am not a die-hard developer. I only know basic stuff. So it should not be too hard to determine a good design.

Nice to Have:
\- Calculation
\- Display of results in form of diagrams and charts
\- Automatic buffering: I would like to know when a form is not – submitted who has when / where canceled. Preferably with a reminder function for the client.

I am also willing to pay for a good plugin.

Thanks in advance!

1 Comment
  1. Fluent forms pro. I have it on 100+ sites and it easily hits all your requirements. Very adorable too.


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