WordPress isn’t recognizing I’m logged in when I look at my site!

This has been a super annoying issue. So I’m logged into WordPress on my Google Chrome browser and should be able to on my phone see how my site looks. Check that my new post looks good on mobile, etc. I frequently review my site, especially after a new post, just to make sure it all looks good. Lately, though, on my phone, when I go to my site, it’s not recognizing I’m logged into WordPress, so my views get counted. I don’t want them to count ever. It messes up my stats overall. I’m having this issue on both Chrome and Firefox for my phone. I’ve got them both fully logged in. Funny enough, sometimes it does recognize that I’m logged in and the site owner I clearly see, but it’s random. More often than the lot last few weeks, it doesn’t show that and when I’m on my site. There is no log-in option at the top or anything like that. Anybody ever dealt with this type of problem before. Thoughts?


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