WordPress plugin for MS Project views?

Hey folks –

I’m starting a new multi-year project at home (restoring a classic car) that I want to manage, document and “blog” about online. I have a webspace already (mainly, I was just parking the domain with my name to this point), and I was thinking of using WordPress as my publishing/blog software (I don’t frankly know much about it yet, but it’s free, fully supported by my web provider and seems simple enough to get started with.)

Here’s the thing, though. I use Project all the time at work – have been since about version 2000, I think. (yeah, I’m old!)

Rather than re-invent the wheel – would I would ideally like to do here is provide a read-only version of my tasking, calendar, budget and Gantt charts in my blog in some sort of live form. If I host the Project project online (in my webspace or OneDrive etc) is there an easy-peasy way to do that?

I know that there’s loads of project management plugins available for WP, but I frankly don’t want to bother learning (and paying for) a new system just for this project, when I already bought Project and can make it pretty much roll over and purr for me.

Any thoughts? I’m just starting this thing out, so anything you might suggest as a system is a great idea – all I want to do is use Project and not have to enter stuff twice, really – anything else is negotiable.


P.S. Obligatory car tax. [Two 1976 MG Midgets](https://i.imgur.com/jUxARJw.jpg) This is gonna be fun – and expensive!


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