WordPress vs Shopify

Hello guys! I have some concerns about my wordpress/woocommerce website and I also started considering that I am gonna move to Shopify. I have been using WordPress for a long time now and I still have technical issues with my e-commerce site I mean just the overall quality such as the transitions, animations, arrangement etc and its kinda slow and laggy sometimes as well, it looks so crappy imo compared to those prebuilt Shopify themes. The plugins are also suck because mostly the only essential plugins that I need are monthly paid and they cost a lot of money in total. I know that most of the themes at Shopify are not free but atleast they look super dope in contrast to mine that I am using in WordPress. What do you guys think about this? Any suggestions? Is it worth leaving WordPress? Thank you for the answers!

  1. The reason you feel WordPress is crappy is because you have so many options and freedom to install any theme or plugin to do what you want, you end up installing crappy themes and plugins, then you have to deal with the issues that comes with them. If you are careful building your website, you should have no problems. If you don’t want to put the time to work on it carefully and research best options (themes and plugins), and don’t mind paying a little extra, just go with Shopify.

  2. The more you play with wordpress the more you learn. WordPress is a one time investment if you seek help of any professional if you don’t have time to learn. Shopify is built to suck money from you on every order you pay a fee. Imagine after 5 years your site grows and you get 10k+ orders. Now you calculate yourself how much fee you will be giving to shopify and what if you have saved all that money using wordpress which is free lifetime. That money can be used in marketing to grow more orders. The choice is yours if you are truly serious with your business or are playing around for timepass. WordPress has many prebuilt paid themes provided by many agencies which you can use and has several plugins for shipments and payments which are free. I don’t suggest any paid plugins until it’s very necessary.

  3. WordPress is generally better than Shopify. It gives you the most freedom – you can really built everything with it. Getting good in WordPress really was my most valuable skill sofar in my life.

    Shopify is just no freedom you can only built a basic store with it. Also it cost more money – the basic Shopify plan – the theme is more expensive, than also the plugins are also paid. Also the Shopify payments is more expensive than stripe so you loose a lot of money when the store becomes actually profitable


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