Would love to hear your Pros/Cons of using Themes like Astra/Avada/OceanWP/Salient and Page Builders like Divi/Elementor/Bricks?


Hey everyone, I’d love your thoughts on some of these themes and page builders which I’d like to consider for a client. If you have experience with any of the following, I’d live to hear about what you like/dislike about them. It can just be quick bullet points; whatever is easiest for you. I’m currently looking at:


* Astra
* Avada
* OceanWP
* Salient (I’ve used this before and love what they offer, but curious about your opinions on it)

**Page Builders:**

* Divi
* Elementor
* Bricks

**Some background:** I have a prospective client that needs a refresh of their website which was built on WordPress, but with a custom theme, so it’s been difficult for them to make significant layout edits and such (adding content is fine, however). They’d like their new site built with an off the shelf theme that’s easy to maintain for anyone on their team. Their current site also has WAY too many plugins, which I recommended they avoid for the future iteration of their site. I know using plugins is unavoidable, but it would be nice if the new theme has some basics built in – for example, Salient has really great sliders, animations, etc right in the box. Some of the other themes I mentioned above are a bit thin on built in features.

Thanks for reading down this far, and more importantly, for taking the time to respond. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Astra is pretty solid.
    Avada core is bloated.
    OceanWP was great in 2018. Not so much rn.
    Haven’t used Salient.

    Also another theme to add to your collection is Kadence. Not as optimised/feature rich as Astra but pretty good compared to the other options you got.

    Divi is good although I am not really used to it
    Elementor is pretty solid. Especially if you know what you’re doing.
    Bricks is the closest GUI wrapper to CSS but they are pretty new, buggy and lack a lot of documentation and guide which are expected from the developer. So won’t recommend it for professional work.

    Just remember, you can easily bloat your code with these themes and plugins, to use them effectively you should have some base knowledge on HTML and CSS.


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