A simple solution for building a CMS?

A client of mine is using the events ticket pro plugin for their events. They want to integrate their info. into a CMS that houses all customer data, and target community members based on prior engagements. For example, they want to be able to see if customers that are registering for this December’s event have registered for the same event last year.

I’ve found that Events Calendar has a registration plugin, and I’m wondering if that will solve this issue instead of diving into a whole new CMS independent of their current wordpress site.

I feel like a third-party CMS is a bad idea, but I wanted to see everyone’s opinions on the best way to go about this. Basically, the goal is to retain and track customer info. for future use. Thoughts?

  1. Not really sure what the end goal here is, the event calendar works fine for what they do. WordPress is a pretty solid CMS used by over 70% of the websites on the internet.

    If someone asked me to build a custom CMS from scratch
    A. It’ll be pretty pointless
    B. I’d atleast charge $50k for the amount of work it needs to build a CMS.


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