WP Contact Form Issues – Alternatives?

I’ve had a WP site for nearly 2 years for my home custom cake & treat business and I’ve been using the default WP contact form due to budget reasons. However, I have clients who are unable to submit order requests. It doesn’t matter if it’s mobile/desktop or which browser they use. This has spurred me to look for an alternative contact form (ideally free because, ya know, budget constraints).

* I want a form that has these ideal capabilities:
* Get in Touch Page (Order Form)
* Capture orders and send them to my email
* Capture email sign-ups on the order form and send them to Mail Chimp (hell, I’ll take a spreadsheet at this point)
* Rest of Site
* An email signup field at the bottom of each page. (My GO theme doesn’t allow for it in the footer and unfortunately, I’m not code-savvy enough to add it.)

I fell down the “search” rabbit hole on the WP group and saw that many liked Fluent Forms, Gravity (no free version), and Contact 7. I looked at each but I’d like to get recommendations from people who actively use them. Apologies if the contact form text in the pic is microscopic.


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  1. Before getting another plugin, you need to understand why your clients can’t submit order requests. A common issue I see people posting about here is that notification emails aren’t being sent. Often this is because their SPF/DMARC records aren’t configured, which are rapidly becoming a requirement by most SMTP servers (MS, G, Y! now require it) – changing your form builder won’t fix that.


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