XAMPP for WordPress Development

Hello all,

I’ve been using XAMPP to develop on WordPress as a first time web developer for about a year now, and in use, it’s been pretty great. Recently, I’ve had a problem with MySQL randomly deciding to shit itself between sessions. I’ll close all of my wordpress tabs in the web browser, press the “stop” buttons in XAMPP on Apache and MYSQL, turn my computer off, and the next day when I come in, MySQL refuses to start. When I check the logs after these events, it didn’t state any errors, but rather would simply just stop after stating “Plugin ‘FEEDBACK’ is disabled.” The only way that I’ve found to recover from this is to use backups of the MySQL itself, which thankfully XAMPP has, following this that I wrote for myself after the first time it shit itself.

Step 1.) Cut and paste the files from C:\\xampp\\mysql\\data to a desired backup location. Currently, I’m using E:\\Wordpress Backups\\Xampp Backups\\Broken Backups, followed by the date of the broken data folder

Step 2.) Copy all files from C:\\xampp\\mysql\\backup into C:\\xampp\\mysql\\data

Step 3.) Restart mysql, see if it boots. If it does boot, check the phpmyadmin url to see if you can connect. for me, that’s https://egprober.test/phpmyadmin

Step 4.) Stop mysql, and copy the ibdata1 file (it has no extension), from the backup location on E: to C:\\xampp\\mysql\\data

Step 5.) Restart mysql again, and voila. Off to the races.

So, with that context, here are the questions for the “Help Request” flair I’ve set.

What causes MySQL to stop working in this instance? It’s not like I’ve made any actual changes, and I’m shutting everything down properly before turning my computer off each day, so I struggle to understand what’s going on.

Does anybody else here use XAMPP, and experience the same problem? If so, what have you done to overcome it? Also, is there anything you’ve done to prevent it from happening again, or a best practice I can follow to stop it from happening to me again?


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