XMP Code Gets Posted As Text?

Hi David,

I’m back working on my site after an interval to help my Dad. It’s posted, finally, at worldwar2database.com. The work I did last summer is now a little bit moot as Attachment Pages are off by default in WP 6.4, but that probably wasn’t a great plan any way.

I’m working on your suggestion to use XMP because it has longer character length for captions. I got the XMP title, caption and description fields to merge, and I have fields for other values in ITPC, but I’m stuck on keywords. The proper keywords that relate to my site only show up in xmp:photoshop.Category unfortunately. The other keywords are incorrect, and I can’t figure out in EXIFTool how to get the Photoshop Keywords column to copy into the other columns. Anyway when I use any combination of XMP template or direct call in Att. Categories, I either get nothing or the text “[xmp:photoshop.Category]”

I’m sure I’ve got the code wrong. Right now it’s:


Thank you so much!

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]


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