%%your signature%% still appears on the petition info

Oops…sorry Keith, don’t know how I missed your email. My apologies.

The %%your signature%% thingy is a funny thing. Some people don’t want it displayed, some people do. I will get around to making it optional, but for now, it is there in the petition message, but when the petition is sent, it is replaced with the signer’s details.

Which version of SpeakOut! Pro are you using? The formatting was a bug in one version, but it should be OK in Pro version 104.5.2. The latest version and instructions area available at https://latest.speakout.123host.net.au

Pretty much all elements can be styled using CSS, have a look at this page: https://speakout.123host.net.au/faqconc/can-i-preserve-custom-css/ or you can use your theme customizer and add additional css

Yes, the petition text can be above the signature area: [petitionmessage id="1"] where the ID number is the petition ID. You can see a list of shortcodes on the dashboard > SpeakOut Pro > petitions page


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