What are the Must-Have plugins for an ecommerce?


I’m building an ecommerce for my (future) publishing business. I’ll be selling publications and, maybe, services. Based on this, what are the must-have plugins that

\–protect customer’s data
\–improve page upload
\–protect from hackers
\–back up the site (BTW, isn’t the site backed-up by the webhost? I have Bluehost)
\–whatever I have left out.

I hope all these plugins won’t break the bank because I haven’t even started the business. I’m right now building the site. I’m a front-end web and graphic designer and would like to transition to my first love, which is publications. WP has been quite a jump in learning compared to other platforms, but I love it so far.

Any help is appreciated:))))

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  1. You seem to know the must have features, so that’s a good start.

    If you browse the web for recommended plugins in each of the mentioned category, you’ll find at least few decent and popular options – many even free.

    You should test few before settling for what best works for you.

    Did you consider what will you use for your e-commerce part of the website?
    That seems like the first thing to think about, since it’s gonna be the main part eventually.

    If you’re gonna sell digital product(s) – publications and services, you should probably look for something more specific than WooCommerce.


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