Automated emails not being sent to customers

Hello @mqkhan1 I’m not sure I understand the first process.

  1. You stated

when they complete the form they do not receive a confirmation email from the site

When they complete what form exactly? The registration form on that HP?

2. I can see that your domain is not authenticated thru DMARC. In order for emails to be successfully sent and received as of June 1st I believe it was you need to make sure that is set.

Lastly, you are using WP Forms for your integration and Woo as your cart. So your question falls outside the scope of this forum. We do not support 3rd party integration here per guidelines. Also note that we can’t be sure that WP Forms is sending the emails or if Woo is supposed to. But again that’s be done by a developer or reaching out to WP Forms for further support.

If you have a WooCommerce Core related question then this would be the place. I’m not sure that WP Forms integrated with Woo is.

Hi @mqkhan1,

I’ve reviewed your site and I found a WPForms with the Stirpe Addon being used. As @serafinnyc this is outside the scope of WooCommerce, as it appears it’s not in use here. Is there any reason you believe this is WooCommerce related?

This seems more appropiate for the WP Forms team, you may reach their support here:

I hope this helps so far! Please don’t hesitate to start a new thread if you have any WooCommerce-related questions.



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