Can’t upgrade to PHP 8+ and only have a week!


Hello everyone,
My (current) PHP 7.4 is being discontinued on Nov 24 by my host and I can’t upgrade without having several errors for example: 500, 502, white screen and other errors when I try to go up to PHP 8.1. It just won’t work.
I have enabled WP-DEBUG on WP-Config, disabled every single pligin I have installed and changed to the Twenty Twenty-Three theme.
Wordpress has the latest version (WordPress 6.1.1 today november 17th 2022). I’m out of options.
For me that means that the problem is not on the plugins nor on the my theme. I have re-installed wordpress several times nut nothing helps.
I don’t really know what to do and, just so you guys know, I’m not a programmer. I can’t code unfortunately. 
I have contacted my host and they want to contact my webdeveloper (It’s only me, myself and I here).
I’m a marketer/graphic designer and its not my personal site. Which means: If I don’t fix it, we are going to lose a lot of money, our brand with have some set back and my job is on the line.

You guys a heroes.

Thank you so much for all the tips and tricks you post in here. Awesome community!

Best regards,

Paul Deucher

  1. Well time to learn some coding, you’ll have to scour the error log for your website when upgraded to see what the actual errors are.

  2. swap to generic theme to see if it works.

    You’re going to need some tech help to get your current theme to work.

    DM if you want help

  3. Again like stated above. The error logs are your friend.

    If your going to loose money i suggest you pay an experienced developer to sort this out. It may not be the answer you want. But it will be a one off price for what i assume makes recurring income.

    Have you upgraded wordpress to the latest version before your upgrade php version?

  4. What hosting are you using? I should be able to help you get the error log – if you can find that it should be pretty easy to solve from there.

  5. Alright, I found the problem. It was a line of code on WP-Config. As soon as I cleaned that up it was fixed. I’m up and running on PHP 8.1 and everything is going great!

    Next time something like that happenens you guys can think about the poor swedish guy that can’t code! hehe

    Thank you all!

  6. Do you see errors coming out when debug is enabled? the error messages will direct you to which plugin/theme etc is causing the issues. post them here if you want input on them.


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