Child theme of Twenty Twenty-Four not loading header part

I’ve created a child theme of Twenty Twenty-Four using the WordPress plugin Create Block Theme. The child theme is loading the style.css and functions.php correctly. However, I can’t seem to make my child theme header to be applied. I’ve made a copy of the parent header.html and set the same hierarchy on the child theme:

├── assets/
│ └── js/
│ └── fixed-header.js
├── parts/
│ └── header.html
├── functions.php
├── readme.txt
├── screenshot.png
├── style.css
└── theme.json

Any ideias?

1 Comment
  1. You need a templates folder which needs to have at the very least an index.html. At the top of the index.html (and any other templates you might make) you need to insert `<!– wp:template-part {“slug”:”header”,”theme”:”theme-name-child”} /–>`


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