Connect service adsense, not working

Connect Service

Create your AdSense account
Once you create your account, Site Kit will place AdSense code on every page across your site. This means your site will be automatically optimized to help you earn money from your content.

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Hi @pldoolittle thanks for getting in touch. If you go to and use your regular Google email do you already have an account set up for AdSense? If yes, are you using the same Google email to set up Site Kit? If these are different then Site Kit won’t recognise that you have an account.

If you could also share a video of what you are seeing in the plugin that would help. You can use Loom to record and share here.

My mistake. I was Seeing AdSense and thinking Google Ads. I don’t in fact have an adsense account.

@pldoolittle Thanks for confirming. I will mark this topic as closed.


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