Google Speed Score – Is it that important?

Recently I started making websites on WordPress. I work with some people who have a certain obsession with the results on Google Speed. So I went to research more about this (the page load speed), and I came across a large community that deals with this. I saw many ads that promise a 100 score, and they usually put their pages as proof. But I noticed that these pages are just landing pages with nothing too complex. No plugins for forms or contact. Is this something legit or is it a scam? I ran Google Speed on very famous pages here and none had great performance in load speed. In my case what is weighing the most are the Google tags.

  1. The exact score you get from PageSpeed tests isn’t that important. The critical thing is passing Core Web Vital and PageExperience metrics in Google Search Console. If your blog fails any of those checks, your rankings will suffer.

    It’s virtually impossible for major websites earning ad revenue to have good PageSpeed scores, because the ad platform code takes so long to load. Most of my pages score well under 50. Without the ads turned on, 90+.

    That’s why you can test any major blog out there and they have poorly performing pages, yet they rank #1. Google understands that ads are going to slow the user experience down, and they make a ton of money serving ads, so you aren’t going to get punished.


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