Hiring a freelance WordPress developer to build on top of an existing theme?

Hi all,

I recently started my own business and created a website in WordPress through a paid theme. As my business started growing, I want to hire a developer to improve my website, e.g. create a better-looking menu, dropdowns, categories and customize sidebars. My question is – how feasible it is to ask that? Should I look for a freelancer with a certain skillset?
When I looked up WP developers on UpWork, some of them stated that they only want to build websites from scratch or that they specialize in certain themes (but not the one I use).

Thanks in advance!

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  1. You can do it, but it does take longer because you have to in some cases backwards engineer how they made the theme. With large scale flexibility comes vast complexity of theme files, partial files and functions and no one theme is the same as another.
    It makes it a lot harder if the person isn’t a very good developer.


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