How can I recreate this portion in a theme I like (animal bio for animal shelter)

Im working on a website for my local animal shelter and I was browsing some premium themes on Themeforest. I like a theme but it doesnt have one of the main things im looking for which is an animal slideshow and when the image is clicked it gets directed to an animal bio page like this [](

Where it shows pictures of the animal, bio, and a sidebar with traits of that animal.

My question is, how do I add this feature to a theme that doesnt have this?

I know I can just manually create these pages every time a new animal comes in but I want to make it easy for non-web devs (employees) to add animals to the website once I finish with the website.

**EDIT: Here’s a short video I made explaining want I want to do:**


  1. You’d create a Custom Post Type and use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin to setup the fields. The create a template using that data.

  2. Never mind a CPT etc. Just get Visual Portfolio Pro – which does it all for you. It will add a CPT, you can add your animals to categories, their details to posts, and a featured image – then VPP will allow you to add slideshows, grids etc. from of all of them, one category, several… whatever…


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