Using Elementor on – SEO issues and the wpcomstaging subdomain transition

Hi! Just yesterday I wrote [a thread]( asking for some tips about plugins on my upcoming blog on []( but, since then, I found out Elementor is likely the answer for my issues, especially considering my lack of programming prowess.

Since it seems I have to switch to a business plan if I want to use Elementor on [](, I would like to clarify some points before going all out.

1) Is Elementor interoperable between .com and .org, so that I don’t run into technical issues if I want to migrate my blog to a self-hosting solution later on?

2) I read Elementor has issues in terms of SEO optimizations, but I haven’t a clue about why, or about what I can do to mitigate it.

3) Unrelated to Elementor itself, I suppose, but still: when I tried upgrading my []( plan to Business, the site notified me about the change from the wordpress subdomain to a wpcomstaging one, which doesn’t sound particularly appealing. Is there any way to avoid this, or to change it immediately? Is this a non-issue for reasons my lack of experience doesn’t let me notice?

As usual, thanks in advance to anyone willing to shed some light on those issues!

  1. 1. Yes 2. No SEO issue 3. I’d look into running your own insurance WordPress on a host like host gator or something like that

  2. Elementor works on self-hosted (.org) and The .com requires you get the higher tier service. Self-hosted is the better way to go. It’s cheaper and you can use any plugin you want. Ask for hosting recommendations in r/hosting or r/webhosting.

    Elementor is a bloated plugin. Most page builders are. This leads to speed/load time issues that can affect SEO. Mitigate with caching, image optimization, etc or just use Gutenberg which is already part of WordPress core.

    For issues, contact their support. They will be able to help more than we will here. Most users in this sub use self-hosted WordPress which is a different thing than the .com.


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