How do I create this element on a WordPress blog?

Hi! I’m a one-person content team with a background primarily in writing, but I’ve found myself in charge of an entire blog. Right now what I do is pretty basic, but I’m looking to add more to my posts.


I’ve attached an example image below of what I’m hoping to do— add a small excerpt with a different color background, perhaps a photo, and icons with links. I’ve tried to do something like it with basic WordPress blocks, but to no avail.


I don’t know what this is even called or what the first step for going about this would be. Would it be custom coding or a plugin? What would be the first move to try this out on my blog? Thanks!

  1. You can do this with blocks. Add Columns, give them a background colour, add an image to column 1, text with social icon block below to column 2.


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