how to change on click button text of Dynamic Gallery widget ?

Hi @phamhoanglong,

Hope you are doing well.

Please add the following code:

add_filter( 'eael/localize_objects', function ( $objects ) {
$objects['i18n']['loading'] = 'Your Text';
return $objects;
} );

Hope this will help. Let us know how it goes.


Hello @sadmansakibnadvi,

Thank you for your help, i have fixed it.

But the weird thing is : i have changed it in your javascript files, why it’s not change ?

Hello again,

Glad to know your issue has been fixed.

We minify the JS files and generate a new JS file with used widgets. After minification, it is challenging to detect specific code. Perhaps you attempted changes in the wrong place, causing the JS to not work. To avoid this kind of difficulty, we add a PHP filter to change text easily.

Hope you understand. Thank you.


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