How to change the slug in this case?

HI, @danrl

There are a few ways to avoid having the slug of your page autocomplete to cuerda-2 when cuerda is already in use. To ensure your pages are correctly named, you can:

1. Use a unique name for the page slug, such as cuerda-escalada, instead of just cuerda.

2. Check if the page with the slug cuerda already exists in your website’s content management system (CMS) and delete it before creating a new page with the same slug.

3. Utilize a plugin or extension that allows you to customize the permalinks of your pages. Famous examples are Custom Permalinks for WordPress and Custom URL Aliases for Drupal.

4. If you are using a custom code for your website, you can check for the existing page in the database and redirect it to the new page or show a 404 error if it does not exist.
Thank you.

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Hi Shariful, thanks to your comment I checked if I had any image that caused a conflict due to the name and indeed it was, when I changed it I had no problem renaming the page slug. Thanks you!


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