Is there anyone here familiar with WordPress?

I’ve been struggling with trying to build my website for the last couple days.
I’m almost to the point where I’m just going to give up cause the simplest things take forever to figure out and get working properly.

The main URL to my website ( brings me to a chopped, half website. I never meant to publish or post anything yet as I wanted everything all together before it goes online

I have a homepage made with a contact page, was trying to link some posts/blogs and that’s where my issues started

Now that I got my first scrap post on, I can’t get my actual homepage I made to be my main website. My homepage makes me use /homepage after.

I tried altering the URL but I think I need to do something to the half chopped website as I can’t have two of the same URL links.

If someone who has experience with WordPress could please help me.


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