Membership Plugin that actually HIDES content for non-members

Hi there,

I have spent the last few days trying out different membership plugins, and I am close to insanity now.I tried to sketch down what I am trying to do.


When non-members visit the page, they see a very basic menu (about, login, register) and one page that says sign up.

For members, the menu changes to a different menu (about, content navigation, your account) and below the menu you have the different posts I made.

I tried simple membership plugin, but it doesn’t change the menu, plus it protects the posts but doesn’t hide them. I tried “paid member pro” as well and “ultimate membership pro” and somehow nothing of this is doing what I want it to do.

Can someone please give me a direction? I would be willing to pay for the plugin as long as its doing what I want it do…

Thank you for your help. cheers

1 Comment
  1. Why not just make the login/signup page the same and have the members log in and redirected to a portal where they can see all their stuff?


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