Missing controls to change featured image

Hello @chrisplaneta

Could you explain your issue a little more? You mentioned you want to change a featured image, but there are no controls for that. However, there is an option to replace the featured images in the editor under the page settings.

You also mentioned this is a problem when you need to change images in all blog posts for years back. Please, provide more information as there is already an option to set and replace featured images in the editor

Hi Gilbert. Just see for yourself. There are no buttons or anything that would allow me to change the image.

Hello @chrisplaneta

The Kadence theme doesn’t provide a focal point feature for the featured image. Here is what the control looks like on my Kadence site.

Your screenshot says that the focal point is used for the Visual Portfolio layouts only. Please, disable the Visual Portfolio plugin to see if the focal point is removed and the replace and remove buttons appear. If so, the problem rests with the third party plugin.

You are 100% right. It turned out that it was the fault of a plugin. Sorry for wasting your time. As a thank you Ifor your help I will be giving you 5 stars review 🙂


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