Newbie looking for advice with homepage/ theme issue

I’m working on an old website that uses the “Dyad 2” theme. Until now, they were using the standard homepage displaying their header which shows the menu, image banner and tagline, then followed by their most recent posts and the footer.

I’ve used the free version of Elementer to create a brand new home page with a video banner, call to action button and other nice things to improve the appearance of the site.

The problem is when making my new page the homepage “static page,” it retains all of the header properties from the Dyad theme, which would be fine except I do not want the header image. I’ve tried deleting & hiding the header image, but this just results in a blank grey space being left where the image should be.

I’ve messed around with chat GPT to make some custom CSS to stop this and it appears to be able to remove all of the header components except for the image, which was the one thing I wanted to remove.

I’ve tried plugins like “homepage control” but even that doesn’t seem to play ball with Dyad 2.

What should I do? I’ve considered telling the chap I’m doing this for that if we sign up for Elementer pro I can make the page even better and fix the issues.

I’ve also considered playing with other themes but I’m new to this and don’t want to break the site.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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