Nightmare on Bluehost!

Oh boy. This hurt.

Long story short, Bluehost support person installed a fresh WP on top of my established LIVE website. I didn’t realise it of course until I got off the chat. And then to my horror, my website was showing Hello World! An attempt with another support person didn’t produce any help other than finding a recent backup of my account, which the restore will take another 24 hours. I’ve been paying for Codeguard by the way and it hasn’t been backing anything! Anyway, after much frustration, I used a year old local backup and replaced the wp-config file and wp-content folder. Voila, the website now works. However, attempting to login to the wordpress dashboard from within Bluehost resulted in an error and then shortly after that, the website disappeared from Bluehost’s “Websites” tab. I can’t login directly through either, won’t take my password. Luckily the website works for now. But what should I do?

1- Wait for the restore to happen and everything will be fine. But will it be? It’s a restore of the whole account including databases and everything.

2- Change the admin password in the database and try to login that way, and stop the restore process. What if I can’t login that way either? Anyone with some wisdom please help ease my pain!

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  1. Yet another BlueHost victim… how many is that this week? LOL



    Do you have a backup of the site?


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