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Hi @devancadman!

The password protection of WordPress only hides the “content” part of your page, which means the text of that page. It doesn’t hide your entire page’s code, so the theme created parts (widgets, menus, what you publish in the theme’s/child theme’s PHP codes) of the page still appear. So your problem happens, because your slider isn’t published in the text of the page, but rather somewhere else, like in a widget position or PHP code. If you would replace our slider with a test text, you would see that appearing as well.

From our end we don’t have an option to identify password protected pages, so you would need to either move your slider into the text of your page, or figure out a different way of protecting your page with a password. I’m not sure if there is a plugin to only create password for specific pages, but currently the best I can suggest is to check them out. If one of them would truly hide your entire page, our slider would be hidden as well.

If you would have further questions, please contact us through our form instead, because’s forum rules does not allow Pro version customers to be supported.

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Hey Gabor,

Thank you very much. Turned out my page was using a template and the Slider was in an ACF.
After placing it in the default page text area it worked and using the default template all is working.

Thank you very much for your help.


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