Plugin (maybe) for hotel booking site

Hi all, I put (maybe) because possibly the best answer is to have this built from scratch. However…

I’m looking to import hotel inventory via XML API. Expedia does this output, but I’m not going to using Expedia. I am trying to build a hotel booking site.

Where to start?

This does what I’m wanting to do however it’s slow, clunky, nasty on mobile, and it seems to cost $7000.

Anyone got any alternative suggestions? Searching is a minefield, I do not own a hotel so “hotel booking system” is a dead end, and I do not want to sell tours, specifically only hotels from the XML API inventory.

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  1. If you’re looking for a wordpress plugin for hotel booking with expedia integration you could try googling for it, like “wordpress hotel booking plugin expedia integration”

    Weird but true.



    But these might get expensive. Otherwise you can look for “wordpress hotel booking plugin”

    Amazing I know.

    Some may offer expedia integration as an add-on.

    Otherwise you’d have to look at the WP API and if you can code your own solution, or use a platform like zapier to pull the data you want. Since you say you don’t own a hotel, I guess you want to offer either hotel booking (as in trivago) – or sign-up hotels to use your system? In which case WP is not going to do it – you’d need to custom-code the platform to get performance and scale.

    WP + plugin will do for a hotel to manage bookings, but you’ll need something better, and to invest in it, if you want to upscale that.


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