Whats the deal with SSGs?

I mainly create WP websites, many of them are real estate websites with sometimes more or less complicated customisations or special features, so I have some experience in programming. For a new project a static site is more suitable and a dynamic site unnecessary. I therefore want to create a static website in a “modern” way. So I’ve tried a few static site generators, including Hugo, Jekyll, Nuxt or Next.js, but just installing or setting them up is often so frustrating that I now think it would be easier to just make a classic static site with HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP. By the frustration part I mean invalid commands in the command line or similar problems, even though the docs were followed exactly, everything needed is installed and so on. These “generators” are supposed to make your life easier, right, but my feeling is that the opposite is the case. Did I not understand something? By the way, I’m on Win 10.
Edit: I see and understand the advantages but i doesn’t seem to get them to work for me.


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