Rebuilding website/clean up

In 2018 the company I work in hired someone to build us a website.
It was built with way too many plugins and they did it very simple, all the Pages I’ve found have little to no seo/ meta data etc.

After it was done it was left over to someone with no interest and very low knowlegde for data.

I joined the company 2y ago and was asked if I wanted to take over, I said I would try.

I find it fun and interresting, I try to do research on how to solve things.

To the point
I am suspecting that some of the plugins are intefering with each other. And I think some of the old half assed Pages are working against us when it comes to ranking.

So is there a «easy» way of starting from scratch while still keeping the «old» site online? The only plugin feel like I need atm is elementor, still looking for plugins to help with image squish, seo , backup. Probably need more down the Line…

We use the website to display what services we do as a company and what products we sell. There are no sales or login, mostly text, alot of images, contact forms and links.


  1. If it’s a bare bones theme with 50 plug-ins for everything form a image carousel to breadcrumbs then throw it out and start over.

    It will be much quicker then trying to polish the soggy turd

  2. It’s almost always better to start over.

    Setup a subdomain in your hosting, or get some new hosting else, or build locally using Local (


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