Site map Questions regarding logged in users vs anonymous visitors

So, I have an eCommerce site that allows anonymous checkout, create your own retail account, or admin created wholesale user accounts. My question is what pages I should include on my sitemap.xml file. I am assuming that I only want to include pages that can be hit without logging in. I can’t believe that there is disagreement with this, but I figured I would throw it out there to you all.

The next part of the question is a little trickier. I would like to have an actual site map page on the site, but I need it to only show the pages that are available to the visitor. For example, I want my wholesale users to see their product pages and not the retail products (yes, many of the products offered are different, not just differently priced). Obviously, I would want the retail users and people not logged in to not see the listing of wholesale products. I would like to list the My Account page, and it’s sub pages, when a user is logged in. It would even be nice to include the cart and checkout pages if users have anything in the cart. Does anyone know of a mechanism in WooCommerce that would help me build this page without having to write a bunch of custom PHP? (I suck at PHP)

EDIT: I guess I should be clear that the site is functioning fine. I am only inquiring about a dynamic site map page, like this:

[Site Map Page](



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