wpcode an invasive action (forced advertising)



I see the appearance of a new box in my cpt, post and pages
This unpleasant and unexpected discovery leaves me no possible choice to deactivate it and even if it exists it is a very heavy task to do for my 345 sites!! I will not update wpcode to stop the damage

It’s completely crazy to manage

This is an action with serious consequences with unwanted and unthoughtful effects on the part of wpcode

Can you hold an emergency meeting and re-evaluate this action and study all the consequences of this action?

just imagine waking up one morning with 1000 sites
with an advertising box and confused customers calling you to find out what’s going on in their specially purified dashboard to stay clean…

The first urgent action is to deactivate this box by default and leave it in the plugin settings to be activated at the desire and need of the user.

make a tab in the plugin settings to explain the pro and the free stuff

please do what is necessary to restore the situation


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