“Speed-Op Course” by WPJohnny. Worth it?

Hi. I am a pretty experienced web developer and would like to start offering professional WordPress speed optimization to my clients. In search of tutorials on this topic I came across a “Speed-Op Course” by WPJohnny. He sells it for $600 for the complete set. I could not find any sample videos from the course, so there seems to be no way to preview. I would hate to buy and then ask for a refund.

My question is if anybody tried it and is it worth the price. Any recommendations for other courses are welcome!

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  1. I actually do wordpress site optimizations for my customers. If you know your way around databases, caching and php – you don’t need the courses.

    My latest one went from 3 second TTFB and 12 sec LCP (yup) to ~400ms TTFB and 1.6 sec LCP. It’s a WooCommerce shop, medium size site running on Elementor Pro (eek!)

    Changes done?
    1. Better hosting – I have them on my server now
    2. Database tuning – the usual removing of unnecessary fluff, but also adding indices (indexes?) on table to get rid of slow queries
    3. Local caching – object cache, opcode cache, litespeed cache
    4. CDN – BunnyCDN for teh win!

    Still some bloatware plugins can be replaced, Elementor removed, etc. to make the site even faster.


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