Struggling with myCred + bbpress

Im trying to build a forum with profile , groups, activities , badge and whatsoever. Unluckily, Im having difficulties while trying to create the pages for all the different sections, in fact when Im trying to edit “group” page, is giving me back an error 404, like the wrong link, and in fact im seeing that to access the page is missing the “/index.php/” part. But I cannot find where to modify the path , so Im asking myself of fix it…
And I would need an hand from some vet of Mycred plugin , to help me with some functions I didn’t fully understand… Thanks in advance to whoever may respond.

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  1. That myCred plugin looks really interesting. I haven’t used it personally, but it seems to have good reviews. So I don’t think it’s an issue with the plugin.

    If I had to guess, it’s likely a setting on bbPress where the ‘group’ page is not assigned. Go to your pages, make sure you have a ‘group’ page present. Then in bbPress settings, make sure the group page is assigned appropriately.

    If myCred uses groups, you might also check if there’s a conflict – where both plugins are trying to use the same page. If there’s a conflict, then you’ll have to create a different group page and assign it on each of the plugins correctly.

    If all of that fails, deactivate the myCred plugin, and see if the group page works. If not, deactive the bbPress plugin. Check again and see what your results are. You will probably have to spend a bit of time carefully going through your settings of each plugin if you reactive them and still have the same problems.

    Also, after you go through that, it’s also a good idea to go to your WP settings (I think on ‘reading’ tab) and update your permalinks.


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