Translating HTML/CSS templates into a WordPress theme: FSE or not?

I am a frontend developer, I can write HTML, CSS and PHP.

For a personal project of mine, I decided to make custom HTML/CSS templates and want to transform them into a WordPress template for my site. However, since I have never done this in combination with WordPress before, I’m getting a bit lost into the world of regular themes and FSE themes.

To my understanding, FSE should be the future of WordPress theme development and is quite handy if you want to add blocks to specific pages. However, I have absolutely no idea where to begin. Should I take a standard theme (Twenty Twenty Two) and transform that into the blocks I made with HTML and CSS, or do I make it from scratch? I have absolutely zero experience with coding WordPress themes.

The easier solution would be to not use FSE and just stick with a regular theme, but I’m wondering if it’s future proof. I don’t expect to get a lot of visitors to my site, but what I don’t want is making the templates again in two years time.

What would you do if you were in my position? I don’t have a deadline, I have time to learn WordPress theme development and am eager to learn how to do it right. However, I am not well-advanced in frontend development other than HTML and CSS – I only have been doing it professionally for a year.

Ps. Follow-up question: How should I go about it? Do you have tutorials for me to use?


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