What is the difference between adding custom styling with a child theme vs using a plugin such as Custom CSS and JS to customize the parent theme?

Normally, my approach would be to create a child theme and add a custom stylesheet with the help of a functions.php file. I wouldn’t want to lose my custom styles when the parent theme gets updated.

But I’m currently working on something where the previous developer used a plugin instead to insert custom styles without making a child theme. The theme in question is Hello Elementor.

One obvious downside is an additional plugin for a small amount of custom CSS. And they already have 30+ plugins for a mostly static portfolio website. But is this approach future-proof or could there be problems when the theme gets updated?

  1. Neither option really sounds efficient? If you are just adding a bit of CSS then why not just use the theme customizer?

  2. I see people using plugins when they don’t know how to set up a child theme.


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