WordPress.com paywalls PLUGINS?

I was told time and time again not to use them, but hey, with the free domain it ended up being $2 less than dreamhost. Now I spent the day setting up my site and I’m ready to install plugins, come to find it’s paywalled at $25 a month! I mean wow, that is genuinely insane.

Anyways, does anyone know exactly what I have to do to grab the “free” domain I just registered directly from them and get it back immediately?


Edit: Yes I am an idiot and didn’t read and it’s stickied. It didn’t even cross my mind that any paid host for WordPress would hold such basic functionality hostage.

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  1. You can’t move a domain to another registrar for 60 days. But you can change the name servers. Your new host will give you those. After your 60 days is up, then you can move it.


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